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  • Products ProductsKangrui's new low-cost lightweight thermal insulation board is widely used in new construction, expansion and existing building insulation renovation projects...
  • Certificate CertificateKangrui's new green environmental protection board has its own independent research and development, and has obtained many certificates....
  • Research report Research reportBuilding energy consumption is a serious social problem, the implementation of building energy efficiency is an important task to reduce energy consumption...
  • Application case Application caseKangrui sheet is widely used in new construction, expansion and existing floor insulation fireproof and waterproof renovation project...
  • Kangrui lightweight energy-saving building board three advantages
    R & D strengths
    The innovation of Kangrui plate in the overall structure and the research and development of cement formula have their own advantages. The special formula of Hainan Qingyi Bridge and Hainan Yangpu Bridge cement formula is independently developed by our company.
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    R & D strengths
    Quality advantage
    Kangrui plate has 8 advantages in building board, such as energy saving, environmental protection, waterproof, fireproof (B1 grade), anti-corrosion, sound insulation, light weight, high bending resistance and other superior performance.
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    Quality advantage
    Easy to install Advantage
    Kangrui plate thickness 12.5MM plate per square meter, weight 4.5kg / m2, light weight, easy to cut, can be pasted, can be anchored, easy to install for different building environments
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    Brand advantage
    New green environmental protection board developer
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